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Chromed NOS BottleThe era of fuel injection has arrived. If you want to stay on top of the tuning game, you first must have a Dyno.

Precision Motorcycles is an Authorized Power Commander Tuning Center. The 150 Dynamometer is a state of the art machine that can be used for tuning both carbureted and fuel injected bikes alike.

Although the PC is supplied with a basic map, it is a well known fact that no two motors are the same. What works well for one bike may not be the best for another. To optimize your motorocycle for the combination you have, a custom map to your bike is recommended. In order to make a custom map properly, you need to be a Tuning Center and be equipped with the Tuning Link. We are one of only a few in the Tidewater to have this.

The Dyno-jet method combines the computer and the dyno in such a way that we can change the fuel and ignition curves. This allows us to optimize the air/fuel ratio, which makes achieving 100% of the bikes potential power gain possible. On non fuel injected or carburetor motorcycles changes can be made by replacing internal carburetor key components such as jets needles that control the fuel flow and again verify the power and torque gain by running the motorcycle before and after modifications.

All motorcycles can benefit and increase their horse power and torque by doing even small modifications such as increasing the air flow, reducing the restriction of the standard exhaust, adding a power commander or installing a jet kit on the carburetor type.

Running the motorcycle on the dyno our dynojet certified operator will produce for you a computerized test sheet. It is very simple to read, it’s in a graph format which will indicate three different colored lines, one is the horse power, the other is the torque and the last one the air/fuel ratio.

Custom Motorcycle Chromed PartsWith a carbureted bike the dyno takes all the guessing out of the equation. Without a Dyno the mechanic has to make a change and then go for a ride. With the Dyno we can check the air/fuel ratio, make changes, then run it again. The bike never has to be taken off the Dyno. This makes it easier to fine tune carburetors. We currently have a full selection of DynoJet, Keihin and Mikuni jets in stock.

The Dyno can be used as a diagnostic tool as well. By running the bike on the Dyno we can check for engine noises that would be impossible to find riding the bike on the street. We can also check for bad transmissions without the danger of something going wrong on the street. Set up other after market parts. The MODEL 150 Dynamometer is perfect for engine break-in, durability testing and fuel injection mapping. It's like getting two Dyno's in one package as all the features of the Dynojet Inertia Dynamometer are maintained.


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